General thoughts about Despicable Me 3 Movie craze

I’ve got to say these movies are probably targeting audience from 4 to ten 10 years old but at the same time it’s the only series of movies that I can watch together with my kids without bigger frustration. There just enough humor that is just fine – I mean it’s suitable for adults too. Also to be noted, these despicable movies have bigger arc than most major studios and I think Steve Carell id great at producing and directing these movies. Actually I could even state that it will be one of his greatest performances in movie industry, who knows… I mostly appreciate the fact that despicable me movies have some responsibility to them while freely being goofy which give such accent to the final product, that makes it loved by every person alive.

Talking about that whole fever of minions – it‘s nothing else like a perfect marketing campaign – we were able to see everything in yellow – from amazon merchants to balloons candies and etc. Minions was a hit and kids for sure loved it. Thus no wonder that once the movie is out in 3 weeks we will see corded cinema halls as well as same crowds of people searching where to watch despicable me 3 movie online. And knowing that despite the fact it is G-rated movie  – it gives older audience desired edge which make this great movie just another masterpiece of summer blockbusters list.