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How To Minimize Damage For Packaging

Receiving a damaged parcel is everyone’s worst nightmare. A damaged parcel doesn’t necessarily mean that the item inside it is ruined, but it is still displeasing. Parcel senders are responsible for the quality of the packaging, but sometimes there are unforeseen events during the transport that can damage your parcel. Here are a few tips on how to avoid severe damage to your package.

Use high-quality boxes

Boxing your item instead of just dumping it inside an envelope will provide more protection. If you don’t want to spend cash on anything fancy, just use used cardboard boxes around your house, such as an unused shoebox. You can also purchase new cardboard boxes in various sizes if you’re packaging a product to send to a customer.

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Avoid fabric bags

Using fabric bags might seem fancy and attractive, but it is very risky. Fabric bags will easily tear up and expose the item wrapped up. It is unlikely that a fabric bag will survive a rough transportation ride during the delivery process. We recommend using polythene bags instead, which are also usually water-resistant.

Layer extra protection

No matter what you’re going to use for your packaging, it’s always best to add up a layer more for your item inside your packaging. Bubble wraps are an excellent choice for padding, and it can wrap items with various size and shape. Make sure the bubble wrap covers all corners and sharp parts of the item so that it won’t break off during the delivery.

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Use parcel tape

Many people make the mistake of using sellotape instead of parcel tape. Sellotape might work for smaller packages, but it still won’t seal it as well as a parcel tape would. You can try to layer sellotape, but this will annoy the receiver when they try to open it. Parcel tapes stick on stronger to the package and won’t peel off when it gets wet. There are parcel tapes sold in most stationery stores, and the 3M parcel tapes are what is often used for packaging.

There is nothing wrong with making sure your item has the most protection before shipping, especially if the item is valuable or fragile. Remember that packaging might add extra weight when you send it, which means you do have to pay more. You can consult with the courier or the customer services from the shipping company on how to package your item accordingly.…